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We are a full service national elevator cab interior fabricator and installer. We specialize in high quality, custom-made elevator cab interiors. With Xcel Elevator Worx, you have the freedom to create your vision. Whether you need contemporary sleekness, traditional elegance, or historical reproduction, we can bring your vision to life. Built for the customer who knows exactly what they want, your custom cab interior will enhance any architectural style or design.

When you build your own custom cab interior, you pick your wall panels, reveals and toe kicks, ceiling systems, lighting, and handrails.

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Elevator Cab Interior Renovations

We can create partial or complete elevator cab interior renovations, based on your goals and your budget. You may choose only to change certain components in your cab interior to meet your goals or budget.

Wall Panels—Our Specifications or Yours:
• Vertical and horizontal
• Standard or custom finishes
• Replacement or repairs
. New or refurbished
. Rectangular/tubular
• Grid systems
• Modular systems
• Island systems
• Modify existing and/or repair ceilings
• New diffusers
• Fluorescent
• Incandescent
• Halogen
Metal Cladding, Refinishing, and Metal Design Etching:
• Transoms, returns, doors, and frames
• Stainless steel, textured stainless, bronze

Manufactured Elevator Cab Interiors

We offer several manufactured elevator cab interior packages. These manufactured packages are the perfect choice when time and money are at a premium. They look great and have many customizable options.

These cabs are an elegant solution for clients who need their cab very quickly and who have significant budget constraints. Our manufactured elevator cab interiors are functional, modern, durable, and easy to care for.

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