Elevator Code Work (Work by Others)

We can verify all compliance requirements for you and repair any areas that are out of compliance quickly and efficiently. Our strong facilities and operational background is what makes us a leader in this field. We address all the Work by Others elevator code requirements that the elevator service companies do not. We provide this service in conjunction with the elevator service companies to provide a complete code compliant elevator. Xcel Elevator Worx is capable of providing all of the code-required work typically outside the scope of the elevator service companies. Call us today to handle all of your code compliance and code work issues. Let us do the worrying for you.Xcel Elevator Worx is a provider of elevator code work in the state of Texas only. Our code work covers the following areas:
Elevator Lobbies:
• Smoke /Heat Detectors
• Relocate call buttons and directional assemblies
Elevator Hoistways:
• Fabricate hoistways
• Bevel ledges
• Fire-rated ceilings/walls
• Smoke/Heat detectors
• Sprinkler Systems
Elevator Machine Rooms:
• Fabricate machine rooms
• Electrical
• HVAC for proper temperature control
• Smoke/Heat Detectors
• Fire alarm systems
• Sprinkler systems
• Lighting
• Fire-rated enclosures/walls/doors
Elevator Pits:
• Electrical
• Pumps
• Ladders
• Lighting
• Water proofing
• Water removal